Ginski 2.0


Treat yourself to this one-of-a-kind, never to be made again hybrid of gin and whisky. Gin aged for 33 months in oak barrels.  44.4% ABV 


Strong caramel with vanilla followed by subtle notes of gin. A definite cross over between the two spirits!  The second release of our famous Ginski.  Aged 33 months is bourbon barrels.

Limited edition, packaged in “Distillers Select” series.

750 mL bottling, 44.4% ABV


Aroma: Madagascar vanilla beans, caramel, and slight juniper

Body: A bold blend of flavours unfolds gradually. First, you get an ode to whisky, with the sweet taste of vanilla and caramel, which is infused with oak. This progresses into the delicate flavours associated with gin, including jumper, grapefruit zest, and white pepper. 

Finish: This dram will linger on the tongue with a pleasing experience of red peppercorn and grapefruit zest.