Lone Pine Distillery Tours

Book a personal tour of the Lone Pine distillery to learn about how distilled spirits are crafted, what defines a high-quality spirit, and how you can get more creative with your cocktails.

Standard Tours are typically about 20 minutes long and include a sample tasting of our core spirits. 

Each tour is limited to a maximum of 12 people, in order to ensure safety. (There is no minimum number of guests.)

Tours are $15 each – your fee is waived with a 750 ml bottle purchase. Contact us today to request your tour!

Looking For Something More in Depth?

For those looking to dive deep into the distilling process, we also offer one-on-one, half and full "Day With The Distiller" where you'll get to help with each step of the process. (cost, availability, insurance, tbd) 

Looking for a Unique Corporate Gift?

Come spend the day making your own corporate branded spirit - from grain to bottle. Perfect to present to staff and clients alike!