Contract Distilling

Lone Pine Distilling ltd. has a full production facility that is available for custom distilling, contract manufacturing, blending and packaging activities. We are a fully licensed and bonded facility. We will work with you to develop your product(s), source, and ultimately manufacture a beverage to your satisfaction. Some of our capabilities include: 

  • Bulk grain handling (totes) and processing
  • 3000L mash tun, lautering possible, multiple options, full automation
  • Numerous fermenters, fully automated, controlled cooling
  • Hybrid distillation system, 3000 L pot
    • Gin vapour basket
    • 4 part whisky column
    • Two 10 plate distillation towers, ability to be independent or combined
    • Automated control
    • Separate gin processing
    • Collection vessels
  • Brite tank and carbonation system
  • Semi-automated bottling
  • Counter pressure canning line
  • Shrink sleeve label applicator
  • PSL labeller
  • Complete test systems for recipe development
  • Small size system for very small batch or proof of concept
  • Testing tools and related equipment