Experience Sipping Culture... virtually!

Lone Pine Distilling is pleased to offer you the unique experience of a 3D virtual tour of our facilities. Welcome to the distillery – step in and take a look around!

To enjoy this virtual tour, move around the building in the image below by simply pointing and clicking where you want to go.

Use the icons to view your surroundings from that location or travel around the premises; click on the tags within to get more details about what you’re looking at. 

We are thrilled that Bonnie at Aleekat Photography set this up – it was a neat experience to see how the technology works to build the virtual tour experience. 

A bit of background: Bonnie uses a very specialized camera to build up the data needed for the virtual room. The camera is placed throughout the facility and takes 360° pictures. Each of these images is then stitched together with special video editing software. Labels and additional data can be added to enhance the virtual tour experience. Eventually a full room– or, in our case, the full manufacturing facility– is rendered on the screen, allowing you to have a look around. 

As a result, you can now use Google Street View to check out our building and continue your virtual walk right through the front door into Lone Pine Distilling! 

A very special thanks to Aleekat Photography for putting this together. Contact Bonnie directly if you’re interesting in recreating this for your own property. 

Here’s a great way to get the full Lone Pine experience while physically distanced:  

Order a cocktail kit online– pick it up or have it delivered– and take a virtual tour from home while safely enjoying your favourite cocktails.

Experience Sipping Culture with Lone Pine Distilling… no matter where you are!

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