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Edmonton about to welcome its third and largest distillery

Independent craft spirits maker granted provisional license to distill

Lone Pine Distilling is about to emerge as Edmonton’s third independent craft distiller, at a time when local business is more important than ever.

Lone Pine Distilling has been issued a provisional license to distill from Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC), which allows production to begin on their first run of handcrafted distilled spirits.

Once provisional requirements have been satisfied, including a compulsory waiting period before sales can begin, Lone Pine will be fully licensed to manufacture and sell craft spirits.

Construction on Lone Pine’s 8,000 square foot distillery is now complete, making it Edmonton’s largest distillery in size and one of the largest craft distilleries in the province.

The production facility includes a 3,000 litre (800 US gallon) hybrid still with two 18-foot-high distillation towers, gin vapour distillation basket and related equipment.

The building that houses the distillery has been fully rebuilt and renovated by Lone Pine’s founding partners over the past two years, adding to the revitalization of the surrounding neighbourhood– affectionately known to locals as the “Hubcap District”.

“We took a risk to start a new business a while back, and after a long build out, we are thrilled to see our dream of producing our own quality craft spirits in Edmonton,” said Bryan Anderson, President of Lone Pine Distilling. “We look forward to sharing our spirits in the very near future. Look for a selection of gins and vodka to be released initially.”

This new addition to Alberta’s burgeoning craft spirits scene means greater choice for consumers, who are increasingly looking for ways to “buy local”– both in appreciation of the quality offered by local producers and to spend within their own community.

Along with providing new options for Canadian spirits enthusiasts, Lone Pine Distilling will be helping to contribute to a healthier local economy and small business sector through the direct creation of jobs, regional sourcing and procurement, and valuable tax contributions at multiple levels.

Lone Pine Distilling is anticipated to open for sales in the summer of 2020.

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