Handcrafted: Heads to Tails, Floor to Ceiling

A lot of work has gone into creating a foundation where Lone Pine Distilling can grow. 

With the many deep connections we have in Edmonton, branching out around Alberta, we wanted to establish our roots and build the Lone Pine distillery in the same area.

An opportunity arose to set up shop in the heart of the city. Big catch was, the property essentially came “as is” – junk included. Which meant an intensive cleanup and renovation effort, not for the faint of heart…

Lone Pine distillery exterior rejuvenation (click/tap for larger view)

But taking a risk is the most Edmonton thing you can do, after all… so naturally, we dove right in!

Have a look at what’s been keeping us busy, and get a taste of what goes into building a distillery.

Renos, Renos, Renos

When we say “handcrafted”– we’re not just talking about our spirits. 

Not counting the exterior walls and most of the roof, the entire building that houses the distillery had to be gutted and renovated from top to bottom. 

After clearing out a hoarder’s paradise inside – the outside of the building was repainted, the lot and alleyway were cleaned up, and new paving was laid down.

Distillery exterior (click/tap for larger view)

Reality kicked in for the first time when the still equipment arrived on site, all wrapped up like a present…

The gear was delivered in the early stages of the reno process, so there was a bit of Tetris-like shuffling to keep things out of the way as clean up continued.

Distilling equipment arriving on site

It’s starting to look a lot like a distillery… 

A single blog post could never do justice all the different projects involved in getting the building into tip-top shape…

New walls had to be built and existing ones reinforced (11,000 kgs of concrete went into fireproofing just one wall). New flooring, fixtures, doors and windows were installed throughout the building. Even the roof had to be cut-out and rebuilt to accommodate the height of the twin-column still.

Iain and Kirin setting up the still

But once all the glass, lighting and Pine trim had been installed, the tasting bar was started, and the stills were put together… you could actually see the distillery taking form!

Putting on the finishing touches

At this point, most of the major construction is now done, and we’re almost finished the front tasting bar – which will be put to excellent use once we’re able to safely mingle again.

The Lone Pine tasting bar – up close and personal

All of this work has been carried out over the past few years by Lone Pine’s founding partners, Bryan and Iain, our multi-talented distiller, Kirin, and the much-appreciated help of some highly skilled local contractors.

Stay tuned for more distillery news

Our dream of starting a craft distillery in Edmonton is coming to life! 

We can’t wait to be able to share our first offerings with you – which will be made available for purchase online as soon as we get the official go-ahead from The Powers That Be. 

Are you following us on Facebook? You can see the progression of the build from start to finish by scrolling though the photos and videos on
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Or just kick back here on the website and keep exploring Sipping Culture.  

Either way, we’re glad to have you around!


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