From Raw Resources to Refined Spirits

raw ingredients at Lone Pine
Our motivation at Lone Pine is to craft the best spirits possible so we can share them with you.

We are regularly inspired by our amazing surroundings in Alberta, and the incredibly diverse landscape that both sustains and entertains us – from the evergreen of the Rocky Mountains to our golden wheat fields and rolling prairies.

We try to honour and share this through our craft by sourcing our supplies as locally as possible and using techniques and recipes that bring out the best of every ingredient.

Get a glimpse here of the journey from raw resource to refined spirit… of course, you’ll be able to get a much better sense of our distillation process (and taste the results) when you come in for a distillery tour!

From the mill to the still

Alberta wheat field

Using our wheat as an example for this trip around the distillery, the journey begins at our mill where the grains are ground up into “grist” for the first step in distillation.

Milling our grain on site ensures the ingredients going into the recipe will be as fresh as possible, allowing us to distill our spirits using the highest quality base.

The grist is fed into a mash tun, where we add hot water and turn it into a glorified oatmeal (i.e. “mash”) to get our batch started. With some careful temperature control and a little TLC, the starch in the mash gets converted into sugar. The sugar will feed the yeast during fermentation in the next step.

Once the conversion is complete, the “wort” (which is the usable liquid leftover after the grain’s been filtered from the mash) gets moved from the mash tun into the fermenters. Here, the yeast will feast on the sugars in the wort to create a low alcohol solution that will be used as our base for distillation.

Wort inside a fermenter

Distilling things down

The low-alcohol base will be run through the still assembly to concentrate it into a higher-proof alcohol, which will eventually become our refined spirit. 

Our stunning twin-column still uses a combination of distillation plates to strip out any impurities and polish the flavours. Since pure vodka has only its source ingredient to rely on, this is key for crafting a premium spirit.

Each tower is 18 feet tall!

The gins we produce rely on a careful balance of botanical flavours – we can introduce them using a vapour distillation basket, which draws the essential oils out of the ingredients and infuses their aromas into our spirits.

Our Rocky Mountain Gin, for example, features wild bergamot, mint and rosehips, which are incorporated through vapour-infusion.

wild bergamot from Alberta
Wild-crafted Alberta bergamot
After distillation, the concentrated alcohol goes through its final “proofing” stage, where it’s blended with fresh water to bring it back to a more potable range and perfect the blend of flavours.

Share in the pleasure

Each batch of Lone Pine spirits is quality-checked throughout the distillation process, and again at the end, to ensure a premium craft spirit for your enjoyment and sipping pleasure.

We’re excited for you to pull up a seat with us at the bar for an in-house tasting, enjoy a cocktail with some friends, or bring home some Edmonton-made spirits to try a bit of mixology on your own.

Contact us if you have any questions about booking a personal tour. Check out our Sipping Culture section of the website for cocktail recipe ideas and other fun stuff – coming soon!

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