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Parkland Wheat Vodka honours Alberta’s farming roots, using a selection of premium wheats from around the Parkland region to produce a savoury and robust flavour.

The secret to this spirit is letting the high quality of Alberta wheat speak for itself.

Distilled 20 times through our 18-foot-high twin-column still to ensure the cleanest and smoothest taste – the flavour of this forthright ingredient is polished until it shines.

The Parkland region of Alberta is known for its rolling prairies, rich soils and abundant sunlight, with over 2/3 of the region dedicated to agriculture.

The label for our Parkland Wheat Vodka was inspired by the shimmering shades of bronze in a field of sun-drenched wheat.

40% alc./vol.

750 mL bottle – $47

375 mL bottle – $28

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