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Gateway Dry Gin uses thoughtfully balanced botanicals to craft a passage from the original London Dry to a new western standard– for enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

Crisp notes of juniper and coriander are tempered by smooth tones of citrus, along with a few other enigmatic ingredients, giving this classically dry gin a highly satisfying taste and texture.

A vapour infusion process is used to keep ingredients separate during distillation, for authentic incorporation and perfection of flavour.

The label for our Gateway Dry Gin was inspired by the natural colour of a plump dark juniper berry, offering homage to gin’s most essential ingredient.

The name for this reliably refreshing spirit is a nod to Edmonton’s history as the “Gateway to the North” (as well as our distillery’s location just off Gateway Boulevard).

42% alc./vol.

750 mL bottle – $49

375 mL bottle – $30

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