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Earl Grey Gin is a highly refined offshoot of our original Gateway Dry Gin, vapour-infused with black tea and wild bergamot for the rich, full-bodied flavour of Earl Grey.

Earl Grey tea leaves and wild-crafted bergamot mingle to offer an aroma that’s at once recognizable and unique. Grains of paradise and a dash of cinnamon add a cozy, warm sensation, further harmonizing the gin and tea.

The vapour infusion process we use keeps ingredients separate during distillation, for the most authentic incorporation and perfection of flavour. 

The colour on our Earl Grey Gin label was inspired by the flower of Alberta’s wild bergamot, otherwise known as Bee Balm, which lends a local twist to this royal refreshment.

43% alc./vol.

750 mL bottle – $49

375 mL bottle – $30

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